Orange County Fair Cake Competition

June 13 - Aug 12, 2018

* 1st Place

* Division Winner

San Diego Cake Show 2018

Group Competition Show Piece - 2nd Place Winner

Laura Barajas, Pepsy Garcia and Luis Paredes (Not in Picture)

Sponsored By: Bakers Bodega Express

Laura Barajas and I

Main Stage - Live Demo at 

'The Cake Bar Show'

Long Beach, CA - July, 2018

San Diego Cake Show 2018

Individual Competition

1st Place Winner

1st Publication:

Voyage LA  - January, 2018

American Cake Decorating Magazine

April 20018 - Issue 413

Quoted in Article

Desert news - Utah Edition

Article: 900019864

The Cake Bar Show

Long Beach, CA

1st Place

Individual Celebration Cake

LA Cookie Con 2018

1st Place Animation Sweets Table

Group Effort: 

Natasha Rice (Cake)

Laura Barajas (Cookies, Macarons, Artistic Gelatins) 

Pepsy Garcia (Cupcakes, Pretzels, Chocolate covered Skeleton Oreos, Cakesicles, Cake pops, Skeleton Cookies, Merengues)

Sponsored by: Bakers Bodega Express

San Diego Cake Show - 2017

2nd Place in Advance Tiered Cakes Category

Los Angeles Cookie Con. - 2017

1st Place Sweets Table Category